About Philip Forrest

Philip Forrest is a photographer living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He was born in Orange County, California, back when there were still orange groves. Moving around the western part of the United States a bit between 1983 and 1990, the Forrest family settled east of Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 1997 Philip enlisted in the US Navy and served for 5 years as a meteorologist and then 3 years as a photographer.

His travels around the world gave him an appreciation for the incredible diversity seen across the globe. During his career in the Navy and after, his photographic subjects have ranged across a broad spectrum of topics from landscape and portraiture to documenting the lives of children with cancer and combat in Iraq.

Forrest is the author of three photo-documentary books: Life With Lupus, Our Faces Now and Fallujah: A Photographer’s Perspective as well as one photo art book: Overlooked.

Forrest has twice been a guest lecturer at Brown University, speaking on the topic of Military Health Issues and has also lectured at Temple University on photojournalism in Iraq and trauma suffered by journalists as a consequence of reporting in conflict zones. He has also lectured at the School of the International Center of Photography on photojournalism in Iraq as well as his work on Life With Lupus and Our Faces Now.

Forrest is currently working on several photo-documentary projects dealing with veterans’ issues and endemic poverty in America.


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