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October 8, 2010

By Philip Forrest and Christine Bright

Philadelphia police are investigating an incident in which a woman was fatally struck this morning by a Center City bound SEPTA train near the 49th St stop on the Media-Elwyn regional rail line.

Officer Christine O’Brien of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Media Relations office said “a black female was struck by the train at 10:15a.m. and pronounced dead at the scene at 10:28 a.m.” The woman’s identity is unknown and her age has yet to be determined.

Josey Henry, the owner of the MC Value Appliance Shop at Springfield Ave. and 50th St. was at work when the incident happened just a few yards away.

“I heard a noise like somebody making a groaning noise but I couldn’t see no one. I saw the train had stopped on the tracks and I assumed that someone got hit. After 15 minutes the police were here, the fire trucks were here. I noticed when they brought the stretcher upstairs on the tracks they wasn’t bringing anybody down so I assumed that the person had died.” Henry said about the incident.

Full service on the Media-Elwyn line was suspended from the time of the incident until 2:30 p.m. after the on-scene investigation was concluded.

EDIT: Since Friday, the woman’s family has been notified and her name and age have been released. Her name is Daij’e Hines and she was 14 years old. The family continues to question the circumstances surrounding Daije’s death and the police are continuing the investigation. (11 October, 2010)

By: Philip Forrest