NOLA: Day eight addition

This post isn’t related to the oil spill yet but when it is, it’s going to be a sad day.
After wandering around the docks, looking for signs of oil and signs of people who work in the fishing industry, we went to the Barataria Preserve nearby. The preserve is really amazing. I’d never seen a swamp like that before and was awestruck by the place. There is so much life, in every nook and cranny of this little area of the swamp. It’s a fine example of much of the Gulf coast which will most likely be affected by the oil.
Here are a few photos I took while there.


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One Response to “NOLA: Day eight addition”

  1. kyle cassidy Says:

    LA police have been put on notice:

    “members of the public have the right under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to film, record, photograph, and document anything they observe in a public place. No one—neither law enforcement nor a private corporation—has the legal right to interfere with public access to public places or the recording of activities that occur there. Nor may law enforcement officials cooperate with private companies in denying such access to the public.”

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