NOLA: Day seven

It’s the beginning of summer and not the most active time of year for any New Orleans business. The ones in the food/fishing/tourism/hotel sector are suffering more day-by-day with fewer travel reservations being made by out-of-towners, largely because of the perception of oil-tainted seafood.

Ok, coming clean from yesterday’s teaser, I was interviewing managers of strip clubs along Bourbon St. This is a unique business sector in the city since it doesn’t quite rely on fishing, it only needs an influx of people. The general consensus from the women and men at the doors of the clubs is that business is up a little for the season.

The oil workers who are posted up and passing through New Orleans are providing a bit of a windfall bump in patronage of the strip clubs. While I could not nail down a recorded interview with an owner of any of the multitude of the clubs along Bourbon St. in the French Quarter, I did speak with a few of the people who work in those establishments.

Scott, the manager of Stiletto’s Cabaret commented “what we have done to our environment and the economy is absolutely horrific.” He moved to New Orleans twelve years ago and spoke about the changes which he’s seen on Bourbon Street during that time, Hurricane Katrina being the biggest blow that New Orleans had seen since he arrived. The town hasn’t quite recovered since. While his feelings regarding the BP oil spill mirror the feelings of every other resident of New Orleans, he didn’t say that money wasn’t being made.

This is the same sentiment I heard from doormen and dancers on the sidewalks of Bourbon Street last night. Everyone hates the oil spill, but there are additional dollars flowing into this sector during a normally slow time of year. Not record-breaking profits, but business is up a bit. The flip side of the cash influx is that it is coming while thousands of people are losing their ways of life along the shores and in the bayous of the Gulf Coast. No one wants to revel in any profits being made off of the misfortune of the whole region.


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