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When the carnival rides get to rest. (Photo Seminar I)


I spent a good part of spring break 2010 in Sea Isle City, New Jersey. Coming from California and living in a beach town when I was there had me thinking that Sea Isle would be like most other coastal towns I’d been in during spring break. A madhouse of young people. I didn’t go there for parties or any of that; I went to relax and get away from life as I know it for just a bit.

On March 11, my girlfriend and I went a few miles north to Ocean City where I wanted to photograph the all but abandoned boardwalk. That Thursday the weather was nice, but cloudy. Not too hot, not too cold and not breezy enough that I had to worry about my camera picking up sand grains on the wind.

Heavy equipment operators and surveyors were out on the beach, moving hundreds of tons of recently dredged sand around the beach to build up what the last few storms had taken away. Only two days later the barrier islands of the Mid-Atlantic states experienced very heavy erosion during the near hurricane force storm, un-doing much of the effort that was put into the recent beach reinforcement.

A few people meandered along the boardwalk, but aside from several families, a few couples and the odd jogger here and there, the place was deserted.

When we came upon the Wonderland Fun Park, it was like approaching a medieval castle locked up prior to battle, save for one rolling door which was opened. I approached a few of the maintenance workers standing near the door, introduced myself and asked if I could take a few photos. “Sure. Go in as far as you like, use common sense and don’t get on any of the rides” one of the men said, giving me a kind of “all access” carnival pass to photograph whatever I wanted.